Sri Gurubhyonamaha!

The third limb of Yoga is Asanas or postures. Asanas are certain postures of the body. Any steady and comfortable pose is asana. By effortless dissolution of the mind in the Divine, the asana is mastered according to Patanjali. When the asanas are mastered then the dualities are won over. Kundalini (Ananta) is awakened by the method of asana, by overcoming the dualities of ida and pingala and passes through sushumna. He who masters the postures conquers the three worlds.

One can easily get started with Yoga. The above picture depicts the Suryanamaskaras (Sun Salutations) and the sequence in which they need to be performed. A person who is time pressed, can do just two rounds of Surayanamasras to start seeing the benefits of increased body flexibility and alertness in the mind.

More yoga postures are outlined at vydya.com.

Dr Srikrishna Chandaka.